The fine art of drawing with fire

Woodburned Art & Crafts
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(n.) A process of printing, ornamenting, or carving, by burning with heated instruments.

Making marks with fire is one of the oldest forms of artmaking. This community exists for artists and crafters to show their creative skills in the fine art of woodburning or pyrography. From decorative details to full-scale original images, feel free to share your pyrographic skills. No project is too big or too small!

This community is open to everyone who wants to post work, ask questions or discuss pyrography. Critiques are welcome but please be respectful and constructive. Please post multiple images behind a cut.

If you post another artist's work, please give credit.


Useful links:
http://www.woodburning.com/ (Tools, burners, books and more)

http://www.woodburner.com/ (Galleries, forums, shops and an entire woodburning community on one site)