What woodburning tool do you use?

I'm a gourd artist looking to buy a new, professional-grade wood burner. I thought I'd ask the members of this community what burning tool(s) they use. I'm considering a Hot Tool or Razertip. I've been using ten-dollar crafting burners, but it's time to move onto something that will hopefully burn hotter and faster and save me some time. I appreciate your advice.

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Greetings!  My name is Cheyenne, and I live in Denver.  I am a professional furniture maker and general woodworker by trade, and I recently took up the art of pyrography to add to my skillset.  Last month I picked up a Colwood Super Pro kit, and this is the damage I've done:

"Fox and Grapes" on oak cabinet door.  The original image was a watercolor done by an artist named Kitsumi, and I interpreted it here:

Wolf face on elm oval.  I cut the elm myself out of my own backyard and let it dry.  I have hundreds of these disks drying so I can mass produce stuff like this for a Memorial Day yard/souvenir sale in the mountains.

I especially enjoy wildlife and anthropomorphic images.  I am slowly weaning myself off of my regular job as a bus driver so I can do stuff like this full time.  I want to incorporate woodburning, scrollwork, and carving into my original furniture designs.

I am looking to get as good as possible in the least amount of time, because I have opportunities I'd like to explore if I'd only had the skills.  I've bought some books and tutorials which were really helpful, and I want to get some DVD instructionals, but at $50 a pop I hope that the information in them is worth it.

Anyway, I'm off back to the shop now.  I'm refacing a kitchen cabinet set and I'm trying to convince the client to let me do some small woodburn images to accentuate his kitchen.
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An apology from the moderator

Hey folks,

I'm sorry I've been absent from this community. I have a good excuse; I had a baby in the fall and I'm finally getting back to my routine.

I noticed several past posts I missed commenting on; I'll make that up! I will also be adding posts with interesting links and get back to commenting regularly.

Thank you for posting so much wonderful work. I want this community to thrive and your contributions are keeping it going.

Keep burning!
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Here are the first 2 ornaments after burning. Still have to drill holes, and stain... but I think I am going to be making a bunch of these, so I'm going to stain them all at once.
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I think I'm going to look for a nutcracker image, and maybe do some with that on it.

I had an idea just now to make one for each one of Jeff's cousin's kids. It's going to be a lot, but I think they would really like it.

Is this a dead community? Is this a dead art? very seldom do I come across other people who do pyrography.
Please say Hi if you read this community. :)