Sunfire (navysunfire) wrote in pyrography,

new member

I must admit, I was surprised to find a pyrography group here on LJ... but since I did, I had to join. I'm new to it all, but I am already addicted.

I don't work with photos or images like that yet. I prefer the symbols and flat designs.

Behind the cut are some of the pieces I have done...

These were made by request and given as a Christmas gift last month. She even paid me for them!

The outside and inside of a box I made for a dear friend of mine.

Anyhow, that should be enough for now.... I look forward to chatting and sharing tips/ideas with you guys!

~ Sunfire
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Deleted comment

Thanks. It feels good to get compliments from fellow burners.
Welcome! Your work is very good. I can tell you have a steady hand by looking at the work you've done. It takes a lot of patience to work with wood grain.

Thanks for posting these! I love the rose and the knotwork box. They are so pretty.

It's inspiring. I'd better start burning again!
I try to have a steady hand - I've also noticed that some pieces look better depending on which tip I use, as well.

I can't wait to see what you come up with next!