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New burning on paper

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this is beautiful.
it strikes me that this old norse design is so similar to the old mayan works, which, coincidentally, the mexican flag uses the same symbol of an eagle wrestling a snake. that sort of similarity between two cultures so far removed from one another fascinates me. the collective conscious in play? the archetype?

just see the similarities in the stylized wings on this page about quetzalcoatl

beautiful work, a :)
Thanks! I noticed the similarities too, when I found the original design in a Norse resource book. It's strikingly similar; it makes me wonder if there were Viking raiders who went even farther than North America in their travels. They borrowed from so many cultures. Isn't it possible?

Then again, it could be the collective brain of humanity at work. I do believe in it.
Fantastic picture and very good technique. Do you make pyrography only on paper or also on wood?