Amarook (amarook) wrote in pyrography,

Not sure If I have posted here before or not.

The pit pup my friends Rayvenfaerie and thought_addict were trying to help. They had to put her to sleep because of serious fear aggression problems. But they loved her dearly.
As I was working on it, I wasn't too happy with it. But I think it's ok.
Not one of my best peices that's for sure... but I haven't been doing much wood burning lately... might be a little rusty.

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I think it's a fair representation, certainly worthy of hanging on their wall. Was this a commission or a gift from you?
These are my best friends. They got the pup through my B/F and myself. (We were asked to rehome her.)
And I took them to have her put down.

It was a gift from me.
She inspired my friends to become volunteers for a local Pit Bull organization. They tried so hard to help her. It's such a shame.
That is a very beautiful tribute to the pup. I think you did a great job.

I love that you used color too. It really brings out her expression and sweet, smiling face.
Thank you.